Филиппа Карр: Daughters of England

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Жанр : Исторические любовные романы , Язык : en


King Charles has returned after Cromwell s puritanical rule and England is determined to be merry. The delights of the theatre beckon to young Sarah Standish, whose friendship with a beautiful actress prompts her to run off to become an actress on the London stage.

Full of expectation and delight, she steps into a wonderful, exotic, and dangerous new world. A true innocent, her infatuation with handsome Lord Rosslyn leads to a quick marriage. Only too late does she realize the man she loved and trusted was a practised schemer and a bigamist.

But it is Sarah s daughter by Lord Rosslyn, Kate, who will become the true pawn of her father s greed and duplicity. The prize is Rosslyn Manor… at a time when the fate of England enters the throes of a treacherous new fight for the throne, and Kate must battle for her future as well as her heart.

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