Филиппа Карр: The adulteress

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Жанр : Исторические любовные романы , Язык : en


Zipporah Clavering

When Zipporah Ransome set out for Eversleigh Court, her family s ancestral home, she was a sensible, predictable person. Married to a man she had known since childhood, Zipporah was satisfied with her quiet life, happy to put behind her the legacy of scandal that had long stained her heritage. Only in answer to an old man s desperate plea did she journey to a house rife with memories, with malice — even, perhaps, with danger.

But when she departed Eversleigh, Zipporah was a different woman. Caught in a widening web of menace and manipulation, she was forced to rise to the challenge of those working against her. And something more had changed for Zipporah: she had fallen in love with a handsome stranger she might never see again, but whose presence would dominate her future and her fortunes more powerfully than she could ever have imagined.

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