Филиппа Карр: The Love Child

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Жанр : Исторические любовные романы , Язык : en


In an England riddled by political and religious strife. Priscilla Eversleigh fights the man who ravaged her, who is attempting to possess her daughter, and who separates her through a dark secret they share from the man she truly loves.

During the turbulent period of the «Popish plots,» fourteen-year-old Priscilla Eversleigh lives untouched in the haven of Eversleigh, the family estate, with her illegitimate sister, Christabel. But this bastion of innocence is about to fall. Danger and romance push their way to her doorstep. Harriet Main and her son Leigh, two trusted family friends, return from the war zone. Yet another refugee stumbles into their midst — this time it is Jocelyn Frinton, a young man haunted by a pursuer. Priscilla and her friends hide Jocelyn and a furtive romance blossoms, which is cut short when Jocelyn is captured and beheaded. Priscilla discovers she will bear his child.

Harriet whisks Priscilla and Christabel to Venice to save the family name from disgrace of an illegitimate child and plots to pass the baby off as her own. A daughter, Carlotta, is born and the family returns to Eversleigh, but not before Priscilla is abducted by the cruel and lecherous Beaumont Granville. Granville s villainy plagues Priscilla and her loved ones through many tormented years until she at last gains the final victory.

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