Джеймс Экслер: Homeward Bound

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Жанр : Боевая фантастика , Язык : en


Ryan Cawdor’s post holocaust odyssey across America is about to come full circle — Ryan Cawdor is going home.

Forced away from Front Royal years earlier by a power-mad brother who had already committed fratricide, Ryan had roamed a devastated America searching out the small pockets of life where civilization was being reborn.

Emerging from a gateway in the ruins of New York City, Ryan decides to put his own house in order — it’s time to avenge the deaths of his father and older brother.

Accompanied by Krysty Wroth and J.B. Dix, Ryan Cawdor comes face to face with the harsh reality of post holocaust America. In the Deathlands, honor and fair play are words of the past. Vengeance is a word to live by.

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