Сьон Сигурдссон: The Whispering Muse

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Жанр : Современная проза , Язык : en


«An extraordinary, powerful fable — a marvel.» — Alberto Manguel

«Sjon writes like a man under a spell, filled with enchantment and magic and great wit. He is a rogue of the first order.» — Keith Donohue

The year is 1949 and Valdimar Haraldsson, an eccentric Icelander with elevated ideas about the influence of fish consumption on Nordic civilization, has had the singular good fortune to be invited to join a Danish merchant ship on its way to the Black Sea.

Among the crew is the mythical hero Caeneus, disguised as the second mate. Every evening after dinner he entrances his fellow travelers with the tale of how he sailed with the fabled vessel, the Argo, on the Argonauts quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

Sjon is a celebrated poet, novelist, and songwriter. His novels have been translated into twenty-five languages, and include From the Mouth of the Whale and The Blue Fox (both Telegram Books). In 2005 Sjon won the Nordic Council Literary Prize, the equivalent of the Man Booker Prize, for The Blue Fox and Best Icelandic Novel for The Whispering Muse. Sjon has written lyrics for Bjork, including for her most recent musical project, Biophilia. He lives in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Victoria Cribb lived in Iceland for many years. She now lives in England, where she is completing a PhD in Old Icelandic literature at the University of Cambridge. Her translations include three novels in collaboration with Olaf Olafsson.

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