Роберт Кувер: Pricksongs & Descants

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Жанр : Современная проза , Язык : en


Pricksongs &amp, Descants, originally published in 1969, is a virtuoso performance that established its author — already a William Faulkner Award winner for his first novel — as a writer of enduring power and unquestionable brilliance, a promise he has fulfilled over a stellar career. It also began Coover s now-trademark riffs on fairy tales and bedtime stories. In these riotously word-drunk fictional romps, two children follow an old man into the woods, trailing bread crumbs behind and edging helplessly toward a sinister end that never comes, a husband walks toward the bed where his wife awaits his caresses, but by the time he arrives she s been dead three weeks and detectives are pounding down the door, a teenaged babysitter s evening becomes a kaleidoscope of dangerous erotic fantasies-her employer s, her boyfriend s, her own, an aging, humble carpenter marries a beautiful but frigid woman, and after he s waited weeks to consummate their union she announces that God has made her pregnant. Now available in a Grove paperback, Pricksongs &amp, Descants is a cornerstone of Robert Coover s remarkable career and a brilliant work by a major American writer.

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