Джонатан Кэрролл: Voice of Our Shadow

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Жанр : Современная проза , Язык : en


«Voice of Our Shadow is the most frightening novel I ve read since Bram Stoker s Dracula. I thought it was a love story, and it was. Then I thought it was a ghost story, and it was, sort of. Then I thought it was a story of madness, and it might be, maybe. It is a cunning, magical, wonderful novel — funny, sexy, sad, and tender.»

— PAT CONROY author of The Great Santini and The Water Is Wide

Outwardly, Joseph Lennox is an ordinary young man, raised in a New York suburb and striving to make his way as a writer. Yet for him Vienna is not just one of the lures of Europe but a refuge in time and place, a refuge from a tragedy in his boyhood in which he played a far more complicit role than anyone realized. Joe s overbearing older brother, Ross, taunted him as they played near a railroad and touched the third rail, dying instantly. But he lives on in Joe s lonely guilt and dreams.

Now, in Vienna, Joe finds friendship with the strangely mantic Paul and India Tate, and their destinies soon become erotically — and ominously — intertwined. Once again Joe is haunted by the specter of betrayal and death. In the end he must face the horrifying realization of how fragile is the barrier that separates the demons of our own conjuring from the inescapable reality of the unseen.

Jonathan Carroll s first novel, The Land of Laughs, was dubbed by The Washington Post an «intricate, challenging, ultimately chilling tale.» Voice of Our Shadow, in its imaginative power and delineation of terrifying pursuit, will be seen as an even greater achievement.

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