Рэдклифф: Code of Honor

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Жанр : Современные любовные романы , Язык : en


The face of terror is hard to recognize—especially when it’s homegrown.

Blair Powell is set to join her father on the campaign trail even though a domestic terrorist group has already launched one attack on President Andrew Powell s life. The orchestrators of the assassination attempt are still at large, and Andrew s opponent is a popular ultra-conservative with questionable ties to the radical right. Blair s wife, DHS Deputy Director Cameron Roberts has been charged with the task of tracking down those responsible for the attack, while secretly searching for proof that a powerful senator is involved in treason. Cam has an ace in the hole no one knows about, however—an agent deep undercover in the stronghold of a radical militia group, FBI SA Loren McElroy. Cam s biggest challenge is running the terrorists to ground without getting McElroy and her renegade handler, Skylar Dunbar, killed in the cross fire.

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