Стэнли Элкин: Boswell: A Modern Comedy

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Жанр : Современная проза , Язык : en


Fiction. BOSWELL is Stanley Elkin s first and funniest novel: the comic odyssey of a twentieth-century groupie who collects celebrities as his insurance policy against death. James Boswell — strong man, professional wrestler (his most heroic match is with the Angel of Death) — is a con man, a gate crasher, and a moocher of epic talent. He is also the «hero of one of the most original novel in years» (Oakland Tribune) — a man on the make for all the great men of his time-his logic being that if you can t be a lion, know a pride of them. Can he cheat his way out of mortality? «No serious funny writer in this country can match him» (New York Times Book Review).

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