Майкл Крайтон: Drug of Choice

Майкл Крайтон: Drug of Choice

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To uncover the secrets of a superdrug, a doctor must go undercover and risk it all…

When a Hell’s Angel is thrown from his bike at 110 miles per hour, he should probably end up in the morgue. But this Angel survives his crash without a scratch, and ends up sleeping peacefully in the hospital. When Dr. Roger Clark inspects him, he finds only one defect: blue urine. Similar reports start to trickle in from hospitals upstate. It seems that a strange new drug is sending people into comas, and only Clark can unravel its mystery.

His search for answers takes him on the strangest trip of his life, into a place called “Eden,” which looks like paradise, but feels like hell.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Michael Crichton including rare images from the author’s estate.

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