Питер Страуб: If You Could See Me Now

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Жанр : Ужасы и Мистика , Язык : en


One summer night, a boy and his beautiful cousin plunge naked into the moonlit waters of a rural quarry. Twenty years later, the boy, now grown, flees the wreckage of his life and returns to Arden, Wisconsin, in search of everything he has lost.

But for Miles Teagarden, the landscape he had known so well has turned eerie and threatening. And the love he shared has become very, very deadly….

“Some of the best suspense writing in years”

— Bari Wood, co-author of Twins

The erupting nightmare of murder after murder cannot stop him. The crazed townspeople cannot stop him. Miles has returned for a reason.

Now he holds the photograph. He and Alison, hand in hand. As they must have been seen by all, their spirits flowing toward each other, more one than two drops of blood in one bloodstream. This is not what he expected. It is what must be.

And now he knows what has drawn him into the horror which surrounds him — horror at the hands both of the living and the dead!

“A snapping story of the occult, suspenseful to the last”

— New Haven Register

“Compulsive reading. It has marvelous atmosphere, suspense, and a truly grand Guignol ending.”

— Dorothy Eden

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