Маргарет Сент-Клэр: The Dolphins of Altair

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Жанр : Научная Фантастика , Язык : en



“Dr. Lawrence,” Madelaine said steadily, “will you help us? We can’t have anybody knowing about us who isn’t on our side.”

“That’s something I can’t answer until I know what you’re trying to do.”

“We want to free the sea people who are in the research stations. That’s the first thing. Then we want to make sure that human beings will never molest them again.”

“A large order,” Lawrence answered, unsmiling. “Yes, I’ll help you. But I’d like to point out that what you have said amounts to a declaration of war on the whole human race…”

Before the dawn of man…

…there was a covenant between the land and the sea people—a covenant long forgotten by those who stayed on shore, but indelibly etched in the minds of the others—the dolphins of Altair.

Now the covenant had been broken. Dolphins were being wantonly sacrificed in the name of scientific research, their waters increasingly polluted, their number dangerously diminished. They had to find allies and strike back. Allies willing to sever their own earthly bonds for the sake of their sea brothers—willing, if necessary, to execute the destruction of the whole human race…

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