Брайан Стэблфорд: Asgard s Conquerors

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Жанр : Научная Фантастика , Язык : en


Stableford returns with Asgard’s Conquerors, book two in his Asgard trilogy about a planet—and a man—like no other. After penetrating deep into the hollow planet of Asgard, Michael Rousseau wanted only to collect his payment for selling the location of the dropshaft and get as far away from the icy planet as possible. But instead he is captured by the Star Force, and is back under the command of Susarma Lear. Rousseau learns that Shychain city, the alien base established on Asgard’s surface, has been invaded. As one of the few people with experience inside Asgard, Michael “volunteers” for a mission back into the heart of this new enemy to find a way to defeat them. But, when he’s captured by the enemy, he is taken deeper into Asgard than any human has ever been. The question is whether he will survive to unlock even more of Asgard’s secrets.

This is a complete rewriting of 1989 novel Invaders from the Centre.

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