Клайв Касслер: Sahara

Клайв Касслер: Sahara

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Жанр : Прочие приключения , Язык : en


It is 1865. A Confederate ironclad, Texas, fights her way through the Federal blockade and vanishes into the Atlantic as Richmond falls, bearing a secret cargo that could change history… It is 1931. A world-famous Australian aviatrix, Kitty Mannock, vanishes mysteriously in the middle of the Sahara while attempting a record-breaking flight from London to Capetown and is never see again…

It is 1995. Dirk Pitt, on a mission to find the remains of a Pharaoh s funeral barge buried in the bottom of the Nile, rescues an attractive young woman, Dr. Eva Rojas, a biochemist with the UN World Health Organization, from being murdered by thugs on a beach near Alexandria… Who but Clive Cussler could tie these events together in a book that is Dirk Pitt s most gripping and action-packed adventure ever?

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