Джеймс Келман: Mo said she was quirky

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Жанр : Современная проза , Язык : en


The inspired, insightful and intensely absorbing new novel from one of the most important literary writers working today.

Her boyfriend said she was quirky but it was more than that. Some things were important in life. You had to fight for them. Helen was prepared for that. Only she wasn t as strong as people thought. She tried to be but didn t always succeed. Nobody does, not all the time.

Trust, love, friendship, the lives of others, relationships, parents, children, lovers, and death, and the rich, and poor, safety, security, home and homelessness. The ordinary stuff of life but extraordinary too when you think about it. As Helen did, each waking hour, as day follows dawn, till that strangest of moments on the way home from work this tall, skinny down-at-heel guy crossed the road in front of her taxi. Brian? Her long-lost brother? How could it be? But it was his shape, his way of moving, his very presence. Could it be?

So begins this twenty-four hours in the life of this ordinary young woman, as ordinary, as unique, as each and every one of us.

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