Шандор Мараи: Casanova in Bolzano

Шандор Мараи: Casanova in Bolzano

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Жанр : Классическая проза , Язык : en


Another rediscovered masterpiece from the Hungarian novelist whose «Embers« became an international bestseller — a sensuous, suspenseful, aphoristic novel about the world’s most notorious seducer and the encounter that changes him forever. In 1756 Giacomo Casanova escapes from a Venetian prison and resurfaces in the Italian village of Bolzano. Here he receives an unwelcome visitor: the aging but still fearsome Duke of Parma, who years before had defeated Casanova in a duel over a ravishing girl named Francesca and spared his life on condition that he never see her again. Now the duke has taken Francesca as his wife — and intercepted a love letter from her to his old rival. Rather than kill Casanova on the spot, he makes him a startling offer, one that is logical, perverse, and irresistible. Turning an historical episode into a dazzling fictional exploration of the clasp of desire and death, «Casanova in Bolzano» is further proof that Sandor Marai is one of the most distinctive voices of the twentieth century.

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